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05:02:24 PM May 15th 2017
edited by GearheadLydia
[...] and there was a holocaust by omission of the entire African continent.

Yes, Africa was dramatically under-served by evacuation efforts (despite the one surviving space elevator being on Kilimanjaro), and that is rightfully being described as despicable of the people who perpetrated it. I assume this part is referring to this:

[J]ust take a look at the criminally small percentage of African nationals who made it off Earth, compared to their percentage of the pre-Fall population. Some would call that de facto ethnic cleansing. (Sunward, page 47)

However, to say that the "entire African continent" was wiped out is demonstrably false, even as of the core book; this is important because the original wording suggested that all efforts failed / were sabotaged and there were no survivors.

Here's this:

There are many other habitats duplicating other environments, such as Afrique—a large Cole habitat with a population of two hundred thousand, where the habitat is made to resemble the African savanna. In Afrique, the two ends of the habitat are shaped into snow-capped mountains, and the inhabitants mostly live in several large cities built in the savannah. (core book, page 68)

And then there's this, from Rimward, page 79:

iZulu was built by anarcho-capitalist South African technocrats who managed to escape the Fall, in the process bringing along more than two million infomorph refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Given all of this, I'm editing this section of the page itself a bit.
08:47:21 PM Aug 10th 2011
Anyone know if The Human Centipede from Mercury is a shout out or just a very disturbing coincidence?
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