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08:26:57 AM May 8th 2014
Touhou Characters

Okay, this may sound kind of weird, but... I can't help but feel like some of the characters in Touhou might actually be color-coded for the 5 colors in here to add as further examples of the alignments (or whatever you'd call them).

Reimu is a White/Red Hot-Blooded Miko, Marisa is a technical White/Black Anti-Hero, Youmu is Green/Black (although it's mostly white and white can mean death in Japan, she does have a black ribbon tied around her head), the Scarlet sisters are Black from being vampires and seem to have a Red Oni, Blue Oni thing going on, so yeah. ^^; Even Yuuka seems to at least be Red/Green, if not Black/Green or Black/Red/Green as a very violent youkai who has... power over flowers. :p

It makes a lot of sense, right? XD If you'll want to add any Touhou characters as examples in the Analysis page, give this some thought.
02:26:20 PM Mar 19th 2013
edited by Scardoll
Okay, serious question: Is there a way to find out how many images on trope pages an individual work has?

Because outside of maybe XKCD, Order of the Stick, and Cyanide and Happinesss, Magic probably has the most page images I've seen of any work. I'm glad, because the art is pretty damn good.
07:14:50 PM Mar 19th 2013
I don't know, but I fell that we should also have a system to determine how many wicks a trope has and a quick search to find those pages. It would make it easier if say a trope's name changes. Both are practical.
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