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10:17:45 PM May 8th 2012
I saw there was recently some disagreement on the page regarding an episode indicating that Jews don't believe in Hell. Conservative Jew speaking here and this is basically my understanding:

Conservative and Reform Jews don't usually believe in the existence of Hell or of an Afterlife in general- or at least there isn't really an accepted canon on it- People would probably say that you die when you die and will be resurrected when the Messiah comes.

I'm not as certain what Orthodox Jews would say on the subject- my impression at least is that some would believe the above as well, but others probably do believe that sinners are punished in Hell and righteous people are rewarded in Heaven.

Now there's certainly mention of Fire and Brimstone Hell in some Jewish writings, but there's also writings about various demons, the "evil eye", and things of that nature, and you probably won't find many American Jews who believe in that anymore.

So, long story short, depending on how religious the characters were in the episode, it would be fairly accurate to include the detail about Jews not believing in Hell (iirc, Kat Dennings is Jewish, so you might chalk that up to her experience).
12:55:07 PM Oct 12th 2011
Holy shit, Kat Dennings is hot. That is all.
12:12:43 AM Oct 21st 2011
Beth Behrs is beautiful too!
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