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09:24:07 PM Oct 12th 2014
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WouldnŽt it be nice to have a Characters sheet here?
10:48:02 PM Oct 12th 2014
Yeah, I think it would be necessary.
08:44:37 PM Nov 11th 2014
Im new at this, so... how do we start?
07:46:10 AM Nov 12th 2014
Well, you might want to read over other pages' character sheets for examples on how to do it. Remember though that even on character pages you need to explain fully how tropes apply.
03:17:30 PM Nov 22nd 2015
I was about to start a character sheet, but its hard work. Maybe if i start one, somebody would finish it? I mean, iŽll do my best to finish it, too.
07:24:40 PM Nov 23rd 2015
Well guys, iŽve made the Character sheet, so if anybody wants to participate..
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