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05:57:32 AM Mar 21st 2018
In the trope "Fanservice", there are some mentions that are not very objective.

1) "Cesare. All the time."

Just because the writer think Cesare is sexy doesn´t mean his character is a fanservice!

2) "Lucrezia trying to seduce her husband."

How is that fanservice?

3) "The whipping scene between Cesare and Michelotto. Oh Lordy, the whipping scene."

Why is that scene considered a fanservice?
08:37:07 AM Sep 18th 2011
edited by GuzTheSnake
I was wondering if anyone else thought Micheletto and Cesare qualify for Those Two Bad Guys status. While they don't do much exposition, there is certainly the "feel" of the trope about them, what with them being two bad guys, and ending almost all of their sentences to the other with "Micheletto"/"Your Eminence". Once again, not sure if it fits personally, but looking for some input. Thanks in advance!
08:32:28 AM Jun 24th 2011
Are there any problems with a character page being created for this show? There's a pretty big cast, and they're all fairly full of tropes individually.
09:24:30 AM Jun 24th 2011
Nope! I think we can transfer a lot of the character-centric tropes on the main page easily.
07:00:56 PM Jul 9th 2011
I think that's a great idea.
02:20:31 AM May 6th 2011
For the "It Is Pronounced Tro PAY" entry, the troper infers "che-sah-re" is not the correct pronunciation - any pronunciation guides I can find however prefer this pronunciation.

Am I misunderstanding the entry, or is it perhaps erroneous?
03:15:11 PM May 18th 2011
From my limited understanding of Italian pronunciation, I think the difference is between the more authentic che-SAH-re and the show's CHE-sah-re. Also, I think they're just using the British pronunciations across the board, so I would argue for its removal.
06:42:16 AM Apr 16th 2011
I'v transferred the "Yay" tropes to YMMV because it's seems more a matter of personal interpretation.
09:29:50 AM May 3rd 2011
I agree, but I've had to re-transfer them three separate times. Can we keep the Yay tropes on YMMV, gang?
07:57:57 PM May 3rd 2011
edited by Vidor
No we can't, because the Yay tropes are not marked as YMMV. This website is quite clear about tropes that are considered YMMV tropes. They are marked. Ho Yay is not marked. What justification do we have for putting them all on a YMMV page?
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