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08:46:41 AM Mar 25th 2016
We should cut Armored Closet Gay down to just mention of Marshall Langman — why is AD Tobias mentioned?

Artistic License University Admissions - delete altogether? By season 5, April is 24 and has taken college classes ("Smallest Park"). We know she loves animals and we don't know about all of her free time — she *could* be an okay vet school candidate.

12:05:47 PM Aug 13th 2014
It seems like some of the tropes here don't really fit. Law of Inverse Fertility & Anguished Declaration of Love are the two most obvious, as neither of the examples for the trope on the page are actually examples of the trope.
12:06:26 PM Aug 13th 2014
Well, if you know that they don't fit ... feel free to remove them.
10:14:13 AM May 17th 2013
edited by
I removed a comment regarding the real life organization "Kaboom" and how they were "probably pissed off it made them look like fraudsters" based on the episode "Kaboom".

As detailed on the Wikipedia article on that episode here, the episode was actually part of a network-wide charity campaign called "I Participate", wherein different shows highlighted charities they considered important.

The chief executive of the real Kaboom is quoted as saying in regard to the Parks episode, "The writers certainly captured the spirit that fuels each of our (playground) builds something that inspires volunteers to continue their great work and strive even harder to give back to their communities."

Now of course, if you watch the episode in syndication, you'd have no idea of any of this background, which is why you'd probably quite reasonably assume that Kaboom was a made-up organization or slandering the real one. I had no idea myself that it was real nor the context of the episode until I happened to come across that article at some point.

Incidentally, the episode doesn't precisely present "Kaboom" (real or fictional) as fraudulent. It is kind of an odd twist, but it is basically to the effect that while the guy is representing a fake charity (in the show) and is amused that he is "tricking" people, he's still doing actual charitable things at no benefit to himself/cost to his "victims".

12:30:50 PM May 17th 2013
That was literally the fastest anyone has reverted and edit of mine.
12:04:10 PM Feb 8th 2012
YKTTW: Stupid Government

Such trope is nearly universal, I'm really surprised it's not on here. P&R is perhaps the biggest current example of it, but it goes all the way back to Doctor Strangelove, The Great Dictator, and probably further... Birth of a Nation even. - ~~~~
01:44:47 PM Feb 8th 2012
While the cast is pretty eccentric, seems to me like the show is the opposite- the government is competent and well meaning and the citizenry are morons.
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