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06:35:23 AM Aug 29th 2012
Where should a page for the British TV series Lab Rats go?
10:45:20 AM Aug 29th 2012
Maybe make this Series.Lab Rats 2012 and the British show Series.Lab Rats 2007?
03:54:52 PM Aug 29th 2012
It aired in 2008, but in short okay. I'm thinking we make the 2012 one the "main" as such, with a link in the description (the 2008 workcom can be found here kind of thing). I'll get working on a page.
05:54:26 AM Aug 30th 2012
I'd suggest making Series.Lab Rats into an disambiguation page that links to both Series.Lab Rats 2012 and Series.Lab Rats 2008.
08:21:40 AM Aug 30th 2012
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