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09:29:52 PM Mar 22nd 2015
There are lots of really stale spoilers on the various pages, going all the way back to season one. Unless anyone has a good reason why I shouldn't, I'm going to undertake to remove all pre-season 4 spoilers in the next few days.
03:53:31 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Should there still be a spoiler on Aunt Marie's death? Its been about two seasons now, it happened in the second episode, so unless your absolutly new to the show, its not exactly a surprise
08:18:34 AM Mar 12th 2013
Latino Is Brown: Averted. Fair-skinned, redhead Juliette is Spanish, bonus as she is fluent in the language as well.

Question: Is the character supposed to be Spanish, or just fluent in the language. The actress is only half-Spanish.
06:13:21 PM May 25th 2013
I don't think Juliette's nationality/ethnic background has been explained. Given her surname (Silverton) isn't Latin-sounding in the least, I'm guessing she either isn't Spanish/Latino at all or that heritage comes from her mother or possibly a grandparent. I guess she could be adopted. Fact is, Juliette's pre-show history really hasn't been developed at all.

(Prophylactic apology for multiple posts. Newly known and having a hell of a time making iPad play nice with the site.)

07:47:45 AM Mar 13th 2014
In the scenes where she was acting as interpreter and when talking to the wisewoman, she speaks with a markedly different accent. Not quite Castillian, but a little closer to that than the Mexican accent the old lady had.
11:47:13 AM Oct 15th 2012
Would April Granger (the child in "The Bottle Imp") qualify as a Creepy Child? I mean, come on. She was the one who beat up her own mother, killed the gas station attendant, and attacked the father of the foster home. And when she's NOT trying to tear you into little pieces, she's serene? Also, that part when she's on the swing and Hank and Nick come into the backyard? When they run up to her, what does she do? Flash Nick a toothy smile with blood on her teeth.
12:45:54 PM Oct 28th 2012
I think it could fly, but put it in YMMV just in case.
08:26:21 AM Aug 5th 2012
Hi there I have not watched Grimm, but am considering it. A friend who watches both shows confirms that it isn't like Once Upon a Time. My next concern is how similar is it to supernatural(which I am currently catching up on)? If anyone that has watched both Grimm and Supernatural could make comparisons/contrasts, I'd really appreciate it.
10:27:54 PM Oct 12th 2012
So far as this series has shown, the mental state of these characters will probably fair ALOT better then the main cast of Supernatrual. Also while Supernatrual takes a "everything magical will try to kill you and be inherently evil in some way" approach, Grimm takes a "these are just people with some powers" approach
12:44:58 PM Nov 15th 2011
Why is the Grimm page locked? I think we need it to be a redirect for the series, because anyone who tries to link without the Series tag is just getting a redlink.
09:27:05 PM Nov 11th 2011
There must be a trope for the thing that happened between Nick and the Mellifer Queen in "Beware."

Adelise: You're a cop, do your job! Serena: You're a Grimm, that's more important!

And then Serena being all cryptic with the warnings with her dying breath [is that Cannot Spit It Out]?

01:51:46 PM Nov 12th 2011
I believe To Be Lawful or Good fits the dilemma Nick faced.
03:31:37 PM Nov 12th 2011
Yes, thank you. That appears to be the one that works.
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