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08:55:12 AM Jan 16th 2013
Same could be said of some of the other Self-Demonstrating character articles, but why the hell does Sinestro have one?
09:19:20 AM Jan 16th 2013
Why not? He is one of DC's better villains.
09:43:56 AM Jan 16th 2013
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There's also the fact that Sinestro is well recognized from "Challenge of the Super Friends" as part of the Legion of Doom.
10:52:36 AM Jan 16th 2013
... okay, I can't get it either. The ones that I find make sense are those that break the fourth wall (or has a similar gimmick), or are particularly ego-centric (Dr. Doom, for example). Sinestro isn't particularly ego-centric (I mean, he is somewhat but... what super-villain isn't).

I mean it's done so... why not, but I have no idea why he got one in the first place.
11:03:56 AM May 4th 2013
He's a dictator who intends to turn the universe into a well oiled Police State, why wouldn't he spread the word in his own language?
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