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05:27:13 PM May 10th 2017
I am removing the following example as I believe that the author was mixing up this trope with simple "Genre Fatigue". In their example, the newer, tired iterations they speak of haven't done much to besmirch or de-hype the specific materials that started the trend, as opposed to the trend itself, which is the whole point of the trope.

"Additionally, light novel adaptations are slowly heading down this route. While light novels have existed since the late 90s, and the earliest adaptations of light novels like Boogiepop have been around since the early 2000s, it wasn't until 2006 when the anime adaptation of Haruhi Suzumiya came along that the industry suddenly exploded into making anime from these. Its success was seen as groundbreaking to the point that many animation companies grabbed whatever light novels they could find and started adapting them, and it also resulted in a boom of authors writing a lot of light novels just to see them get adapted into anime. However as time passed well into The New '10s, light novel adaptations have become so commonplace that they practically overtook even manga adaptations, resulting in the market becoming over-flooded with too many anime based on light novels. Not helping matters is that most adaptations today are either mediocre or poor in reception and sales, and the quality of the light novels dropped as well. It's not uncommon today to hear the anime community say things like "Another light novel adaptation? Great... Another shitty Moe harem cliche storm". The light novel adaptations that get away with this are the likes of Re:Zero, in which its goes down a darker, more deconstructive look at this particular part of Japanese animation, but straight examples have otherwise gained significant backlash outside of Japan."
01:38:27 PM May 12th 2017
Welp, that is the last time I'm adding YMMV tropes. I Always start clean-up discussions because of these.

Yes, I'm the one who added the light novel example. I thought it was really going the way of "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny because of westerner's complaints about them.
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