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09:26:56 PM Jan 30th 2016
Restoring this page and the subpages - creators do not own work pages.
07:03:55 PM Jun 22nd 2016
For the newest cut request - the above reason remains in effect. TV Tropes' content is not at the discretion of the creators. If/when it gets published, then perhaps this can be turned into a redirect, but until such a time it remains.
06:56:58 AM Jun 23rd 2016
edited by UltimaThule
I understand, and I will try to look after the page carefully until then. Also, as stupid as this may sound, would it be possible to delete or at least hide edit history? (What are the odds someone might stumble across this page in the event, however unlikely, that the work takes off?)
06:52:33 PM Jun 23rd 2016
There is no such tool at this time.
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