Started in August 2011, ''Power Academy'' is a Forumotion roleplay forum centering around the eponymous boarding school for teens with superpowers. A freeform tale of action, adventure, romance, comedy, drama, and tropes. [[{{Troperiffic}} Lots and lots of tropes]]. There's a character page [[Characters/PowerAcademy here]].

As of the summer of 2013, the users are in the early planning stages of a Power Academy RPG--in the vein of Franchise/MassEffect [[XMeetsY meets]] VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown.

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!!Provides examples of:

!Power Academy
* AcademyOfAdventure
* AcademyOfEvil: Played with; the Academy trains both heroes and villains, but is considered neutral ground.
* BiggerOnTheInside: The Rec Hall. Any room can be generated instantly upon opening the door based on what the guest is imagining. Want an Olympic-sized swimming pool? Bam, you have one. In fact, this applies to the forum in general; over time, rooms and areas are added as needed.
* BoardingSchool
* ElaborateUniversityHigh: The school is fairly impressive where size is concerned, with a large main building, several dorms, and [[BiggerOnTheInside a TARDIS-like Rec Hall]]. The surrounding forest could also be considered part of Power Academy's territory.
* ExtranormalInstitute
* HeroesRUs
* MysteriousTeachersLounge: At the very least, it includes a fridge, soft couches and soothing music. A nice little space for the headmaster to share some private time with one of the nurses.
* NoOSHACompliance: The underground parts of the Academy.
* SceneryGorn: [[spoiler:First, the Academy is shown in a damaged state shortly after Vilhelm's attack. Later, during the endgame, Terminus launches a full-out assault on the Academy; though largely intact by the end, the place is utterly trashed when all is said and done.]]
* SuperMultiPurposeRoom: The Rec Hall as a whole.
* SuperheroSchool
* TruceZone: The academy as a whole, intended as neutral ground between heroes and villains. Not that it stops battles from breaking out on the school grounds.
* VirtualTrainingSimulation
** DeadlyTrainingArea: Alexei puts his best effort to avert this in his simulator grounds, ensuring that none of the students actually die in the middle of a scenario.
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield: The Academy's location is never specified.

!The Forest
* CoolHouse: The long-abandoned Normco mansion, which boasts disused research labs and an ElaborateUndergroundBase.
* GreenHillZone: Especially since it's one of the earliest levels.
* OldDarkHouse: Again, the Normco mansion.

* AbsurdlySpaciousSewer: A couple of the sewer tunnels in Paranorm can be used for shortcuts.
* AfterTheEnd: The town essentially rebuilt itself from the ashes following a zombie outbreak 30 years prior.
* CityOfWeirdos: The town is awfully nonchalant about weird things happening, especially considering that it plays host to the Academy.
* DungeonTown: At one point during the Superhuman Civil War, the town comes under attack by raiders--and they just so happen to attack when the party temporarily visits the town.
* FanserviceWithASmile: The Ghost Pirate and Rockstar Bar, especially considering the students can take part-time jobs there. There is also a maid cafe in town where Dawn works.
* FashionShopFashionShow: Happens when Sam is taken to Gothically Correct, a store that specializes in Gothic apparel.
* GreasySpoon: The aptly-named Fries With That Shake, a no-frills diner.
* GoodGuyBar: The Ghost Pirate and Rockstar Bar.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Flotsam and Jetsam, a small, rickety stand that sells random crafting items.
* HubCity: One of two.
* SceneryGorn: In flashbacks to [[ZombieApocalypse 30 years prior]].
* ZombieApocalypse: The town was ravaged in a small-scale outbreak 30 years prior, but was rebuilt in time.

* BikiniBar / HostClub: The Den of Angels, a high-class exotic dance/host club [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin staffed entirely by angels]], is a fusion of these two tropes. While the establishment offers great drinks and [[FanserviceWithASmile attractive employees]] (male and female alike), it's actually a front for the local angel headquarters (and an easy way for them to make money at the same time).
* CityOfAdventure: [=NPC=]s, [[ShopKeeper shops]] and sidequests aplenty.
* CityOnTheWater: Half of Kragsmark is situated on an artifical island in the middle of a vast lake, connected to the mainland half via bridges.
* CityOfWeirdos: Less so than Paranorm though.
* TheCityNarrows: The seedier parts of town, in both halves of the city.
* FanserviceWithASmile: The Den of Angels.
* [[FriendlyLocalChinatown Friendly Local Japantown]]: Sakura Gardens, a very Japan-influenced part of town.
* HubCity: The other one.
* WretchedHive: Whereas Paranorm simply has [[LovecraftCountry a lot of weird things happening]], Kragsmark is utterly crime-ridden.

* AirborneAircraftCarrier: The ''Indomitable'', Equinox's heavily-armed flying battleship. [[spoiler:Vilhelm's army hijacks it as a mobile base of operations, and he uses it to start bombarding a city as a show of force. Luckily, the heroes stop him in time.]]
* ApocalypseHow: Regional level implied. Alice and her family grew up in a hellish, irradiated wasteland left over from a nuclear war, and Garrett mentions that [[ZombieApocalypse a huge zombie epidemic]] broke out about 30 years prior.
* AliensInCardiff: The city of Hell, Michigan (which in this timeline, rather than a small town, is a long-abandoned city) has become a haven for malevolent demons. [[spoiler:Helena later takes over the city, turning it into...well, Hell on Earth.]]
* BigFancyHouse: Jonathan Knight's mansion, a large and comically opulent estate, serves as a late-game dungeon.
* DungeonTown: [[spoiler:Hell, Michigan.]]
* ElaborateUndergroundBase: Vilhelm's hideout.
* EldritchLocation: [[spoiler:The Howling Abyss, Terminus' pocket dimension.]]
* EternalEngine: Vilhelm's hideout, a sprawling complex that serves as his main laboratory [[PlayingWithSyringes (or abattoir, depending on who one asks).]] The ''Indomitable'' also counts.
* EvilTowerOfOminousness: Knight Research Headquarters, a tall red-and-black skyscraper in the middle of Kragsmark's mainland.
* LovecraftCountry: Willowfield, Val and Isaac's hometown.
* MirrorWorld: [[spoiler:The Howling Abyss features several areas that mirror locations the party has been to before, only something is about them.]]
* TheMultiverse
* TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon: A three-parter. [[spoiler:First Knight Research Headquarters, then the besieged Power Academy, and finally Terminus' pocket dimension.]]
* AWorldHalfFull
* WorldOfBadass
* YearX: The exact date for the Academyverse is not specified, though it is an alternate timeline and some time into the near future.

Tropes for specific characters can be found under the Characters tab.
* ActionGirl and DarkActionGirl: Generally, unless explicitly stated to be otherwise, female characters in this universe can really kick some ass.
* CastOfSnowflakes
* DysfunctionJunction: Nearly everyone has their own set of issues to deal with. However...
** ThereAreNoTherapists: Averted thanks to Magi, the school's psychiatrist.
* EnforcedColdWar: Between the heroic and villainous students, [[ZigZaggedTrope usually.]] A small amount of them [[GoKartingWithBowser intermingle]]; a few even [[DatingCatwoman fall in love.]]
* EveryoneIsBi: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]]. At the very least, there are very few characters who fall into either of the extremes on [[JustForFun/KinseyScaleOfTropes the Kinsey Scale]]. Aside from the multitude of bisexual characters (male and female alike) in the story, there are ones who mainly interact with the opposite sex [[IfItsYouItsOkay but are willing to make exceptions]], as well as sexually fluid characters.
* {{Fanservice}}: Plentiful, and equal-opportunity--the amount of [[MrFanservice male]] and [[MsFanservice female]] fanservice is treated equally. LGBT relationships are also visible in the story as well.
** However, there are no characters who serve solely as eye candy. As one of the users succinctly put it, "If you created a character solely for the purpose of fanservice, that's one thing. But if you create an attractive character and [[RoundedCharacter give them depth,]] then that's like real life, where [[TruthInTelevision attractive people have thoughts and dreams beyond walking about in skimpy clothes and turning people on."]] The general rule would then be that characters, fanservicey or not, are just treated like people.
** [[{{In-universe}} With some characters in-story,]] it also seems to be deconstructed; Tala, Wendy, and Bethany are all quite fanservicey, but were artificially created in-universe to look the way they do (by male creators, no less)--a fact that haunts them to no end; breaking free of the roles set for them is a significant part of their character development.
* MoralityKitchenSink: Heroes, anti-heroes, anti-villains, and villains abound.
* RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic: Frequently zig-zagged, depending on the character.
* ZettaiRyouiki: The [[MiniDressOfPower miniskirt]] variation is part of the female uniform. In designing their [[NonuniformUniform team outfits]], Valerie also incorporates this for a few of [[AmazonBrigade the ANGELs.]]

[[folder:Story and Themes]]
* AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: [[spoiler:During the endgame, Terminus attacks the Academy in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the heroes.]]
* BeachEpisode: The students take a trip to the beach at one point for a day of relaxation (and also some {{Fanservice}})...
** BusmansHoliday: Only to find [[spoiler:some of Vilhelm's operatives salvaging weapons and tech from a jettisoned piece of the]] ''[[spoiler:Indomitable]]'', thus making it another mission.
* CerebusRollercoaster
* ADayInTheLimelight / LowerDeckEpisode: Can happen when rarely-seen or otherwise minor characters come into focus for a while.
* DeepImmersionGaming: Forms the basis for the training grounds and the holoroom.
* DeconstructorFleet
** DeconReconSwitch
* FantasyKitchenSink
* GenreBusting: As the description above would indicate. There are elements of adventure, comedy, romance, drama, contemporary fantasy, science fiction (particularly elements of SteamPunk and PostCyberPunk), and SliceOfLife throughout.
* HardLight: Used in Timmy's holoroom and Alexei's simulator grounds.
* LoveHurts: A running theme throughout the romance arcs is that despite the problems that come with a romantic relationship, [[EarnYourHappyEnding it's generally worth it for those who try to make it work.]]
* LovecraftLite: Considering that [[HumanoidAbomination Jonathan]] is [[spoiler:(along with Terminus)]] one of the main villains.
* SharedUniverse: Hints of this.
* StormingTheCastle: Multiple times during the main story. Most prominently with the Indomitable (hijacked by [[spoiler:Vilhelm]]), the Battle for Hell (which has been turned into a war-torn fortress by demon!Helena), and [[spoiler:the first part of the final mission, where the party infiltrates a Knight Research HQ under Terminus' control.]]
* TheseAreThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow: At least two varieties: the [[HumanoidAbomination Creators]] (such as Jonathan and to a lesser extent Bethany), and the [[EldritchAbomination Great Old Ones]] (such as [[HeroKiller Terminus]]).
* UrbanFantasy
* ZombieApocalypse: One of the non-canon side stories. See also Paranorm under the Setting folder.

* OutOfGenreExperience: During a few story missions, the gameplay briefly dips into TowerDefense territory (see below).
* PuzzleBoss: Just about all of the bosses, in some way or another. They all have certain weaknesses, whether in terms of physical weakness (fire being effective against ice, for instance) or relationships to certain party members (e.g. they may be hesitant to attack at first if a certain party member is present); environmental elements can also be exploited, such as a tech-based boss being reliant on nearby equipment that can be destroyed. Overall, boss fights here require the player to think about the characters and their abilities in terms of both gameplay and narrative.
** LogicalWeakness
* TowerDefense: During several occasions in the story, the party has to lead a defense or ambush against enemy forces from a high vantage point (e.g. fighting off a massive horde of minions from a rooftop above).
* TurnBasedStrategy

* {{Animesque}}: The characters have a very anime-influenced aesthetic.
* MohsScaleOfScienceFictionHardness: Anywhere from 1 to 3 DependingOnTheWriter.
* NotWearingTights: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with.]] Although Power Academy is firmly established as a school for superheroes and supervillains alike, most (if not all) of its students and staff favor [[CivvieSpandex street clothes]] over costumes ([[PoweredArmor armor,]] [[SpyCatsuit specialized jumpsuits,]] et al aside), avoid using codenames (except in some cases, [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname like Lightning and her "sisters"]]), and generally eschew or subvert typical superhero cliches.
** NotUsingTheZWord: Even the terms "superhero" and "supervillain" are rarely used, [[FantasticSlur and some even consider them derogatory.]]