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12:27:00 PM Jun 6th 2014
So.... I don't really know where to put this exactly, as I'm really new to all of this, but I thought I'd put it here just in case. With that in mind, I've recently been going on a Archive Binge of DC Nation, and I really like it so far.

And just a quick question (It has nothing to do Story wise, which is why it's not in the Headscratchers page) but you know the threads updated on Dreammwidth, is there any way to check out the threads before 2008? Mainlly because I don't know if I've missed any of the storylines before that point, as Sue Dibney and Kon seem to be alive despite having died in Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis respectively, which as far as I can tell, was the cut off point, after which the own canon of the roleplay took over.
01:32:33 PM May 3rd 2012
(Moved from "Headscratchers")

The death of Sonia Alcana, who in the RPG that DC Nation split from had an extensive history. Seemed like a really pointless fridging, and a hasty, badly-executed end to a plot that was set up over the course of months and then dropped.

Also, does every relationship have to be True Love? This troper has nothing against that sort of thing, but also gets irritated when apparently nobody ever has any relationship that doesn't end in marriage and babies.

  • Admin reply:

First, thank you for your "letter to the editor." It's nice to know we have readers, much less those who care enough to comment.

Sonia's story isn't quite done yet. Watch this space. We think long-term here and we currently have a plot backlog that would probably keep us busy for another couple of years even if we all collectively got writer's block. Also, there's only so much you can do when the player for an obscure character who's tied to a major villain quits and no one shows up wanting to play her or the villain for a year and other stories need certain things to happen. (And, hey, if someone came in wanting to play her tomorrow, it's a comics universe. We'd find a way.)

As for the True Love thing: You stumbled into a rant of mine, Dear Troper! Indulge me...

Comics don't have a lot of married people these days - and really, let's think about this. You have attractive people in tight clothes living a life where they could die at any moment. They are constantly in each other's space doing very physical things with each other. They're living through things together that they can't explain to civilians. Frankly, to have these kinds of characters NOT get married and/or have kids seems like an incredible conceit designed to tease the audience into buying more comics.

That said, we have had quite a few break-ups. Jesse Quick/Flash, Merrlynn/Caleb, Catwoman/Batman, Cyborg/Flamebird, Ollie/Dinah and about four more examples I can think of off the top of my head - plus we've kept any relationship baggage the comic books offered up to our point of cut-off. We've had one half of an engaged couple die, and made Kory a widow (for the third time). A few relationships go into a holding pattern and we have had some interesting hook-ups that have nothing to do with love, much less the true variety. Yes, we have a lot of True Love. We've had almost 7 years of gameplay and relationships either stick or they don't. Relationships that stick get relationship role-play more than other types so they have more scenes of it.

Lastly, I will point out that for a comic book character marriage and children are assets story-wise that keep the heroes alive. How many times have we seen a Flash pull himself back from the brink of speed-force oblivion because of the thought of his lady? What story good has Roy Harper done since losing his daughter? Allen Scott's will to live rests highly on having people around him to live for. I could go on, but I think you can come up with your own. It's that atheists in foxholes thing. These characters have to keep going no matter what and to do that they need a belief in something. Love is one of the best of those things to hold.

  • Player Reply: I'd just like to add a little. It may seem like everything is all True Love but that may be because we tend to talk about those relationships the most. There are several relationships that have failed in game (some recently) thanks to things like death, evil alternate personalities, and just plain being villainy. There are also some relationships doomed before they can begin by things such as Incompatible Orientation and people being off the market.
07:07:43 AM Mar 11th 2012
Think we need a Disambiguation page for DC Nation since there's an actual official one from Cartoon Network and one for the RPG. I am not sure how to do one, or I would not be asking.
07:07:43 AM Mar 11th 2012
Think we need a Disambiguation page for DC Nation since there's an actual official one from Cartoon Network and one for the RPG. I am not sure how to do one, or I would not be asking.
04:44:20 AM May 3rd 2012
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