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01:40:16 PM Mar 16th 2015
edited by tketch
"Divide ut Regnes" is the operational Code Name for the attempt to capture Zelle, and means "divide and rule"."

No, it doesn't. "Ut" is closer in meaning to "so that" or "in order to", and "impera" does not mean conquer. It means rule—in fact, it is a command or instruction to rule (second-person singular active imperative). Remember Caesar's famous phrase? Veni, vidi, vici. "Vici" means "I conquered". "Divide et vince" would be an instruction to "divide and conquer".

Divide et impera means "divide and rule/order/command". "Divide ut Regnes" means "divide so that [you] govern/rule/reign".
04:48:39 PM Mar 16th 2015
edited by StarSword
Okay, fine, mistake on my part. Editing the page is a free action, so howsabout you fix it?
06:39:09 AM Mar 19th 2015
Because if I did it without discussing it, someone would change it back.
07:01:02 PM Mar 19th 2015
Not if you leave a valid edit reason.
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