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04:39:15 PM Mar 24th 2013
Is there a trope for caring\indifferent Universe?

Generally there is the Cosmicism philosophy of course, but I am not aware of any relevant trope articles here that would reflect indifferent and “caring” representations of the World/Universe.

Regarding to this episode, it seemed that the producers especially emphasized that Doctor Who’s Universe is not indifferent toward humankind/sentient beings (“I don't know, but, perhaps, the universe makes bargains, after all.”).
12:25:13 PM Jan 10th 2013
Can we decide how to clean up the entry for I Do Not Drink Wine please? For starters nobody actually claims it is blood so the fact that it doesn't look like blood doesn't make it Artistic License – Biology since it might just be that Vastra implied it to shake Clara without actually lying.

06:17:59 AM Dec 30th 2012
Is Strax wearing his battle armor underneath his "civilian" clothes, or are Sontarans just that bulky? Another amusing touch if it's the former...
12:27:00 PM Jan 10th 2013
I recall reading somewhere that Sontarans actually cannot fully take their armour off but don't remember whether it was canon. So I choose to believe he is.
02:37:14 PM Dec 26th 2012
edited by reno2200
Is it worth adding the amazing quotation, "I see this is one of your business cards. It says so on the front." to Sherlock Scan? I think it'd be nice to show that there are the extremes - he's either very far off the mark or so obvious, it's basically looking at things rather than near-omniscience through observation.

Also, would Clara and her reappearances throughout time and the Doctor's travels count as You Can't Fight Fate? It seems that the universe wants to keep giving the Doctor chances to meet her and get a new companion besides the obvious actors' contractual obligations to be fulfilled...
01:00:10 PM Dec 26th 2012
edited by ArlaGrey
The page was showing two conflicting interpretations.

1 - That the Doctor didn't make the connection between Clara and Oswin until the very end.

2 - He did make the connection earlier, thought Clara was Oswin at an earlier point, and therefore that she could not die.

My personal interpretation was that he'd made a connection, with the voice and the mention of souffles, but didn't piece it together properly until the end. His insistence she wouldn't die seemed like desperation and denial to me, not confidence.

However, I've edited the page to show the different interpretations as just that; interpretations. I don't want to dismiss other people's, but it didn't seem like a good thing for the page to contradict itself.
07:53:36 PM Dec 25th 2012
New desktop theme for the TARDIS! Fuck yeah!
09:09:30 AM Dec 28th 2012
It's kind of a combo of classic Who and new Who.
11:23:07 AM Jan 4th 2013
The same can't be said of the exterior though. The paint's chipping and it looks pretty run down. Not sure what to call that though.
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