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01:06:02 PM Mar 27th 2017
"The factory's basement where the final battle takes place, the floor is made of nothing but several Smithy's heads, and some particularly interesting ones seems to be looking at the player. It would be harder to beat him if those eyes were glowing..."

The link attached is just a link to Vinebooru (, and I fail to see how this is relevant to what's being said. I imagine whoever linked it simply pasted the wrong link, but still, there could be some sort of reason to it, hence why I bring it up to begin with.
07:47:40 AM Apr 14th 2012
Hey, uh, what happened to the page? I was checking out the main page and noticed that the nightmare fuel button was gone. I checked, and there's absolutely nothing there. Did it get deleted, or moved?
12:18:34 PM Apr 24th 2012
Yeah, where the hell did it go?
05:47:24 PM Dec 28th 2011
Good heavens, this page is a dread to read. Can someone please help me with trying to clean this dang thing up? Literally almost every entry is natter and This Troper. I still haven't cleaned too much of this page yet, and it's a lot harder to clean than it might look.
08:29:16 AM Dec 5th 2010
Last time I changed a Nightmare Fuel subpage image without consulting the discussion page first, it got removed. Usually I do consult a discussion page first, I was just so convinced my example was better that I skipped that part. This time around, though, I'll put it up for discussion first. The current image is of a piano opened up in a way that vaguely looks like a mouth with jaws. It Makes Sense in Context, but even there it is arguably comical. I'd suggest going with a more conventional Nightmare Fuel source, like skulls... perhaps using one of the following images, with the caption "skulls mean bad medicine!"

01:17:58 PM Mar 30th 2011
Try that old picture of Bowser surrounded by flames. That could work.
06:46:51 PM Feb 13th 2014
Question, in the section for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, it mentions that it "was the first Mario game to feature apparent actual death of NP Cs, mainly Toads". I've played through this game twice and I don't know what this refers to, though - I don't remember evidence of any deaths. Does anyone know?
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