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07:05:43 AM Oct 19th 2012
I have a PSA that a friend of mine has seen and thinks is the scariest PSA he has ever seen. I obviously don't want to because I'm a pussy. Here's what he had said about it:

  • "Scavengers", a theatrical PSA for British animal rights group LYNX, begins with weird shots of flies flying through a ventilation pipe. It then cuts to blurry footage of a wealthy couple entering a clothes shop, where they walk towards a fur coat. The woman reaches out her hand to touch the coat, and it suddenly cuts to a fly landing on a piece of raw flesh accompanied by a loud noise. The woman runs her fingers through the fur coat, and it cuts to maggots crawling under skin. The woman then laughs like some kind of demon, and gets advised by her tailor to go over to a coat that's being kept on a rack. As she moves toward the coat, the sound becomes increasingly higher, before she finally removes the coat from the rack and it turns out to be a genuine rotting animal corpse with maggots and internal organs falling onto the carpet while what sounds like a tone-deaf ear-rape edition of the Psycho theme plays.

Myself, I remember seeing a British PSA online against vivisection named "Smile". I don't even want to look at that again, because when I first saw it, it scared me for more than two years. I don't have enough balls to link to them on this page. Do you?
01:46:25 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Luckily for you, both are already here. Thanks anyway though. :-)
01:47:58 PM Jul 3rd 2017
Whoops, didn't see the date.
06:01:21 AM Jul 10th 2012
Would anyone happen to be able to put up the stuff that was in Advertising for Accidental Nightmare Fuel? Considering this is a place for all Nightmare Fuel now, I think the old examples deserve to be placed here.

Plus, I miss the Food Advertising folder.. those creepy Mc Donald's ads...
12:16:13 PM May 3rd 2012
Removed this as not at all informative, but if anyone knows enough to fix it, I'll leave it here.

  • Filipino PSAs could be both Nightmare Fuel and Narm. On one occasion, that ad about bottled [LPG] gas safety depicting a rusty LPG gas named Brand X and warning "beware of dangerous LPG tanks!" But some are truly not to be watched at night, especially the AIDS ads. One example is that saint ad.
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