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08:36:17 AM Sep 1st 2013
Guys, I hate to be all [citation needed], but is there any Word of God on Yoshiki's alleged romantic love for hide? I can't say I'd be particularly surprised, but I don't think I've seen it referred to as fact anywhere but here.
06:09:15 PM Oct 31st 2013
There is, although he has not outright stated "I was in a relationship with hide," that generally isn't done anyway, (which is also why we should be careful not to imply sex happened between them, because he hasn't said they had sex, and even if they have it's none of our business) but as for emotional/romantic (which doesn't have to be even necessarily sexual - look up asexual homoromanticism), there's plenty of evidence if you've paid attention to Yoshiki's postings, the way he grieves for hide, the attachment they seemed to have when hide was alive (and some of the things hide himself said about Yoshiki).

True, it's a bit of piecing together puzzle pieces (Yoshiki's postings and comments and near obsession with hide -that isn't fueled by the need for financial gain from hide fans because he makes little or no money off of hide's image even post winning the suit with Hiroshi-, the lyrics of his songs about hide, what hide said when he was alive about Yoshiki and vice versa, how long it's taken Yoshiki to move on...) but when it's not a matter of needing Shipping Goggles to see it but needing to force a reverse bias to the extent of discarding Occam's Razor (I guess you could call it anti-shipping goggles) to NOT see it, it's a reasonable assumption.

If we need to say that it's debated or that people have different views, I'm in agreement with that change (as the person who contributed that). That said, discarding it entirely or denying it exists or there's any reason to believe it did is just as bad as a Yaoi Fangirl going OMG THEY WERE MARRIED AND HAD SEX LOLZORZ.
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