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03:36:28 PM Nov 7th 2014
Should there be a separate page for the film, as Pink Floyd The Wall? Similar to how the Beatles albums and films are set up (A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be)

07:25:07 PM Jun 16th 2012
Should anything after "Comfortably Numb" be considered a spoiler? It seems that it'd be a little surprising for Pink to become a dictator and tear his Wall down after putting himself on trial.
09:04:24 AM May 19th 2012
edited by Ryonne
Although it's not much of a trope, does anyone else feel that the Hammer Army's allusion to a rise of The British Empire (a la the German Third Reich) deserves mention here? I found it to be a fascinating plot point, and it's mentioned several times in the movie.
03:14:14 PM Mar 18th 2012
You know, I think "The Wall" gets a bit of a bum rap. The Syd Barrett connection notwithstanding, it's not really about a guy who goes insane. It's more of a guy who's been saddled with frustration after frustration, until he finally says "I'm out of here!" and shuts himself off from the world, only to realize that it wasn't the best of ideas.

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