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03:53:42 PM Jul 30th 2014
Regarding edits about the on-going lawsuits. TV Tropes is not the place to try to win sympathy points towards one side or another and posting unproven information and headcanons is nagl. Please refrain from posting exaggerated "facts" and try to stay neutral instead of turning this whole debacle into the latest Lifetime sob story.
01:44:21 AM Jul 31st 2014
However, sire, please don't remove material from the YMMV tab just because you disagree.
05:04:27 PM May 24th 2014
With Kris's lawsuit going on, a lot of misinformation/questionable info has been spread around and I see some tropes being backed with this info. It might be a good idea to post tropes with info only from official sources and refrain from using unconfirmed rumors.
08:03:18 AM May 30th 2014
He will be leaving, though - it's been confirmed that his mother is shopping him around to different agencies in China.
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