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04:09:28 PM Feb 8th 2012
I'd like to bring something up on those YMMV tropes that Folamh3 deleted that I put back in. I can understand how these could be taken as YMMV (Germans Love David Hasselhoff sounds like a fan-observation, Fandom Rivalry also sounds like a fan-observation, Misattributed Song seems like it only happens on a case-by-case basis and Fanon sounds like a place for tropers to pimp their personal theories). However they way I've written them doesn't carry any of my own judgement or opinions; these examples are simply an observation describing that these examples happened (like any trope). Acknowledging that there was a minor spat between the DEP and Disturbed isn't up to opinion, Draiman himself said what did happen has been cleared up. For that matter, I provided citations that Disturbed's albums sell oddly well in Australia (such as the album going Gold there first). This case is so strong that the band themselves has acknowledged how much energy they receive from Australian crowds (moreso than with American crowds even).

Adding in Fanon is merely an observation that it happened, and was even quite wide-spread as is Misattributed Song (I could tell it wasn't a Disturbed song as soon as I heard it).

If ever there was some sort of subjectivity in the examples, I made sure to move them over to the YMMV tab while allowing the parts that were totally objective stay on the page. I hope this has cleared up my intentions.
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