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12:26:48 PM Sep 29th 2013
I think Peter Dreyfuss should be put on the Complete Monsters page because what he did to Lenora Johnson was messed up even by GTA standards plus he taunted her parents by mailing Lenora's body parts to them.

He shows no remorse for what he did and believes that since he's famous that he is exempt from the law.
04:28:46 AM Dec 7th 2013
Offscreen Villainy, can't count to qualify a character, and without that he's nothing.
12:06:16 AM Jan 20th 2013
edited by MrAK5000
Really should have CM examples in the GTA series?, Well, analyzing the list:

  • Donald Love and Ned Burner. Cut. The GTA III era was occasionally played for laughs (similar to what happens with South Park). In addition, Donald was a character Affably Evil. (And it is assumed that a CM should never be depicted in a positive way) In fact, I'm sure that both Donald and Ned was played for laughs, Comedic Sociopathy, of course.

  • Eddie Low. Almost all his murders and crimes are Offscreen Villainy (including the alleged murder of his mother). In my perception, he was just a delirious madman. Moreover, the supposedly felt remorse after killing his mother.

  • Ray Bulgarin. He probably should stay in the list, but is not proven if really killed his sister, these are just a psychological assumptions in the spectator.

And speaking of the GTA series in general, I think it's very difficult to have a CM here, since we're talking about a very Crapsack World, adding the Black And Black Morality that is used repeatedly.

04:18:43 AM Mar 31st 2013
Take it to the cleanup thread in the forums under Long-Term projects to argue the case.
06:42:46 AM Jul 14th 2012
As per the clean up thread, here is the list of GTA characters that were ruled to not be Complete Monsters. That means unless you have a incredibly detailed argument or a new game comes out with them, going to the cleanup thread to request their re-admission will be repeating arguments we've already heard.

  • Dimitri Rascalov from Grand Theft Auto IV. He failed the henious standard, since everything he did throughout the game had been done by all three of the protagonists (murder, kidnapping, assault, etc.) and by a fair degree of NP Cs. Unlike Bulgarian who did horrible things because he enjoyed it, Dimitri was pragmatic, was the voice of reason and ultimately he's only Niko's enemy because Bulgarian told him Niko stole form him. There was also the fact that he did show sincere loyalty to Mikhail, and only betrayed him after Mikhail left him no choice, which taking into account how easily Dimitri betrays his non-Bulgaran allies, shows he did hold a degree of loyalt to Mikhail to put up with his trigger-finger mentality for years.
  • Catalina, she's just a murderer and a betrayer in a game of murderers and betrayers, violating the "truly henious by the standards of the work" ruling.
  • The player characters: Negative continuty issues. The story doesn't count your rampages, so they don't count for this trope.

03:15:29 PM May 18th 2012
If Ray Bulgarin is on here, shouldn't Dimitri be as well?

06:31:12 AM Jul 14th 2012
Dimitri was removed by the cleanup thread.
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