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11:40:04 PM Sep 18th 2010
edited by Meeble
edit: Disregard, Meant as a reply.
11:40:53 PM Sep 18th 2010
Meh, whatever, do what you please.
11:35:45 PM Sep 18th 2010
edited by Koveras
OK, Fast Eddie, please explain to the mere mortal why this belongs to the manga namespace, while the mainspace wick is still free. Did I miss the new namespace policy?

EDIT: Quote from Namespace: "the rule of thumb is to use the media namespaces when the title of a work is used across several different media". Is that the case here?
11:40:46 PM Sep 18th 2010
My understanding of the policy was that while you can put a new work page in the Main namespace, in a perfect world all works would be in their appropriate namespace pages. While putting works in the main namespace is not disallowed, works that are put in the correct namespace shouldn't be moved to Main without good reason.