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07:38:14 PM Feb 11th 2014
Moved this from the main page.

  • Grey and Gray Morality: The Shiki killed humans to survive. The humans massacred the Shiki to survive. Neither side is wrong for wanting to survive, but they're all still murderers.
    • That's not exactly true. The Shiki had no problems surviving on their own — you see that Sunako managed to live for a very long time after her flashback. What the Shiki wanted was their own society, so they wouldn't have to live in fear anymore (which is why they attack Sotoba). This makes them a bit less sympathetic when you realize that some of the bite victims die instead of coming back.
      • Even more so because it is established early on by Toshio that Shiki physically cannot drain a person to death in one sitting and do not need to, either. It takes at least three successive Shiki attacks to get to the point of death, so there is really no reason for the Shiki to kill anyone at all. The newly turned inhabitants of the village only do so because they are either forced to by Sunako, who considers herself a natural predator of humanity and thus killing us as well within her rights, or out of personal malevolence (like Megumi).

Do not respond to something you think is wrong. I'll keep this here in case someone wishes to re-write it.
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