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06:03:15 PM Jul 10th 2013
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Too bad there isn't a third female to be the Neither to Lirin's Butch and Yaone's Femme.
04:29:36 AM May 24th 2012
Where should the line be drawn on spoilers? I've been spoiler-texting for Ukoku's true identity and the events of the second half of the "Even a Worm" arc in Reload, based on what has official English translations. However, it's been years since those chapters came out and unofficial translations of Blast are freely available online. Should the spoiler bar be raised?

Related issue: what is the spoiler bar for Gaiden and Ibun, given the ForegoneConclusions of each? I've been assuming the last volume of Gaiden to be spoilery for the (literally) gory details and the details of Genkai's ability from Ibun for the implications in Reload. Is that sufficient in others' opinions?