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09:11:46 AM Apr 18th 2013
If anyone looks it here.

WMG: Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge (the scissors), and The Queen, in their Origin Story were related. It's too convenient otherwise. I'm going to claim, that in fact the original Hair Queen was the Instead for either the original Author of Crime Edge, or one of his successors. The curse she laid on herself was to be able to serve as the Instead. And even the curse-breaking effect on death was likely the last-ditch contingency to care for her Author to the last.

The Juggernaut: The trope applies to the episode 3 Author of the Week. Fridge Logic says that he can break through any wall with his Killing Goods, so barricading is useless; And his stature also fits. Though, that in the end he was driven off so casually, certainly subverts it.
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