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03:18:50 AM Apr 11th 2015
edited by Vyzass

Can anyone post the link for this interview?

'Sakura and Syaoran. CLAMP made doubly sure that this pairing is backed up by PLENTY of canon. Tsubasa wouldn't happen if this pairing didn't come true, period. Tsubasa also backs up Touya and Yukito's relationship, and every other CLAMP pairing, gay or straight. While creating some of its own on the side. An interview with CLAMP involved an offhanded comment that Syaoran and Sakura are, like most CLAMP couples, 100% soulmates and didn't end up together for a "normal pairing" like some people thought; Syaoran and Sakura would have fallen in love even if Syaoran had been a girl or there had been an age gap.'

Also what does it mean by plenty of canon? I also don't understand what it mean by saying if Syaoran is a girl. Is it saying that in CCS, if Syaoran is a girl CLAMP will still make both Syaoran and Sakura falling in love with each other?Are those comment from Clamp interview or fans edit it in TV trope to make a point which I don't really understand what it mean.
09:50:16 PM Dec 1st 2014
Just wondering... I saw the Out of Order page, and noticed that KidsWB is mentioned as being responsible for only airing about half of Cardcaptors' episodes, and for them being out of order. Now, I'm Canadian, and the episodes were aired on Teletoon here; I distinctly remember the series as focusing more on Sakura than Syaoran, and had many epiodes where Syaoran didn't even show up (it did insist on calling him Li, though, but that's understandable for when it was dubbed). Perhaps Nelvana has been Mis-blamed for something that was actually caused by the dub being Screwed by the Network in the U.S.?
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