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05:27:12 AM Nov 22nd 2011
I'm really uncomfortable with this being on the article description: "This is why anorexia and bulimia nervosa are several times more common in females than males, especially adolescent White females."

It's not true, for starters. This false assumption that women's eating disorders are caused solely by societal pressure to be thin needs to stop being spread around. Eating disorders have a variety of causes - significantly genetic and neurological ones. The common attitude that women with eating disorders are superficial weak-minded and brainwashed by the media is not only offensive, it's actually damaging and stops people getting the treatment they need - I've encountered this attitude from doctors and other professionals which is pretty depressing.

Not saying societal pressure to be thin isn't a factor (especially in justifying the disease to oneself) but it's no way the sole or even the most important factor in E Ds.

...So - remove or modify?
06:32:55 PM Nov 17th 2011
Is there a page for the "Wally Mcdoogle" books mentioned on this page? It has quite a few tropes in it.
06:35:19 PM Nov 17th 2011
edited by FastEddie
If Wally Mc Doogle comes up red, there is no page. Time for you to make one! Click that red link and start typing. ;)
09:29:10 PM Jan 6th 2012
There is one, I found it. The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle
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