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10:54:48 PM Sep 5th 2015
Thaumcraft should be added. Warp acts sort of like insanity where the player experiences hallucinations and paranoia.
03:02:10 PM Jul 14th 2012
Is there a different quote we can use for this page? It's the same one for Drunk With Power.
11:15:42 AM Jun 12th 2013
Possible inclusion for Comics:-

Toyed with in FreakAngels by Warren Ellis, both passive/benign in the case of Arkady/Kait, and creepy/sociopathic in the case of Mark/Luke.
06:29:19 PM Dec 24th 2013
Shouldn't we have another image picking discussion? I think the current image is something of a cop out when there are so many more recognisable, even iconic, images available e.g. Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix.
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