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12:21:30 AM Jan 13th 2016
edited by Anddrix
According to the end of the paragraph on the main page this trope is supposed to be In Universe Only, and the In-Universe Examples Only page where this is Indexed says that this also applies to the wicks as well.

Then how come most of the examples and wicks appear to be out of universe and treating this like it's an audience reaction.
04:41:25 PM Apr 24th 2015
What's that called when you're shown a flashback of an event of direct relation to really help you understand that plot advancement is happening, opposed to just expecting the audience is paying any attention at all?

Or when the camera focuses and zooms on an object of importance, because the retarded viewer won't otherwise be able to notice what's happening?
01:25:34 AM Apr 25th 2015
Might want to ask the Trope Finder.
09:00:54 AM Nov 7th 2014
Shouldn't the Hercules roman numerals be on the Viewers are Geniuses tab?
10:36:31 AM Dec 19th 2013
You know, if we'll even admit that this trope is nowhere near as bad as it sounds, maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't phrase it like a fucking insult.

But I guess that's just such an unthought of notion.
10:38:13 AM Dec 19th 2013
If that's the case, why not "Viewers Are Clueless"?
04:41:50 PM Dec 19th 2013
edited by
Better, I guess.
04:50:56 PM Dec 19th 2013
You have to start a Trope Repair Shop thread to make the suggestion, though.
10:34:38 PM Feb 14th 2014
Viewers arent morons Or are they? To be honest, lately internet made viewers and people so dumb that about 10% isnt to be treated as dumb in any given fandom.
02:08:40 PM Jun 8th 2013
Just as an aside, I own a vacuum cleaner which does not want to turn on. The instructions tell me to hit the reset button, but does not tell me where the reset button is. I have looked for it for over an hour, but I cannot find it.
09:33:58 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Re: Live Action TV

1- the Lost (Sawyer/Michael) example doesn't really fit here. Since (a) it's 2 seasons ago, (b) it's a solid point when being asked to trust in Michael and (c) 2 weeks on the island doesn't seem like a lot to us, but if you were actually in that situation (isolated on a chaotic & magical island where every 5 seconds some fresh new hell was erupting), it would feel longer.

2- Re: "viewers may be morons but the federal government isn't." Just feel the need to comment: I have experience w/the VA Hospitals and I'm not sure this is true ;-)
12:08:52 AM Nov 18th 2012
edited by Candi
"Fox News takes it to a whole new level. Gretchen Carlson won Miss America '89 by playing a goddamn classical violin solo, graduated from Standford University with honors, and studied at Oxford University ("Not the Mississippi one," says Jon Stewart, "the European one.") and yet, despite all that, she has to google the word "czar". Her expert analysis? "It means king."

She also may not have realized that it is the same word more commonly rendered in English as 'tsar', particularly in the fiction genres and particularly in older books. (Seriously, go to your library or bookstore and look up books with tsar/czar in them, particularly in Russian fairy tale books.) And to a "Western'' mind, tsar or czar might well mean 'king', even though research will show it was a bit more complicated then that. (Then again, it was complicated being a king in Britain, and that was different from being a king in France, and so on for other countries.)

The only reason I know tsar/czar and what it means, is that I love to read, once went through a time where I read every fairy tale book I could get a hold of, love history, and was interested enough to look it up.
03:50:42 AM Dec 14th 2012
I'm fairly certain the average American will be more familiar with "czar" than "tsar" (and speaking of Jon Stewart, this whole thing reminds me of "Csars, tsars, tzars, czars" from America (The Book)).
05:46:35 AM Aug 15th 2012
This trope doesn't seem to be fair. It's not like ALL Writers/studios and directors think that.
06:50:30 AM Aug 15th 2012
So? The trope doesn't have to be 100% true in all cases, and nowhere does it say that.
04:22:47 AM Nov 4th 2011
Generally a great mass of people does tend to be overwhelmingly stupid.

However the question here is if when divided, without any pressure or influence from peers, are they just as stupid, or do they show some individuality and intelligence.
09:25:51 AM Feb 22nd 2013
Much as I hate what's become of the Men in Black movies, the quote from Tommy Lee Jones about a person being smart but people being dumb panicky animals comes to mind.
03:48:07 PM Dec 17th 2010

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