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02:03:28 AM Sep 21st 2015
This trope has been renamed to Must Be Invited per Trope Repair Shop discussion.
02:43:13 PM Nov 2nd 2012
I'm not sure the page image is an example. I think Chick just knows less about vampite lore than Stephanie Meyer.
07:16:57 PM Mar 1st 2013
It's pretty hilarious and it works out-of-context (Which is the best and only way to enjoy something stupid as Chick).
09:24:28 PM Jun 30th 2011
Examples need details. Please see How To Write Example when moving this back to Main.
  • Pretty sure this showed up in Hellboy, but can't remember when.
05:38:27 AM Jan 5th 2011
edited by wswordsmen
If the artical says the trope is Older Than Dirt, doesn't there need to be an example that is Older Than Dirt?
08:36:39 PM Jun 13th 2010
With regards to the Discworld entry: everywhere on the surface of Ankh-Morpork (and debatedly the underground as well) is owned by the Patrician. There's no reason to believe he didn't give Sally a blanket invitation "offscreen" before she met Vimes.

Otto is harder to explain without either assuming the reporters he accompanies are repeatedly inviting him wherever they go (and that that's allowable or resorting to the Discworld concept (Our Vampires Are Different) that the restrictions on vampires are heavily influenced by how "vampiric" they're acting. It's possible that through his conviction that he's a photographer above everything else, Otto can ignore most of the psychological stuff.
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