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06:09:53 AM Aug 29th 2012
It should go without saying that any kind of utopia requires a sacrifice, which means that in order for mankind to live in a world of paradise, the old ways of living that lead to evil, whether or not they actually lead someone into committing evil, has to be eliminated. Unfortunately, not many are willing to risk changing the world they live in now in order to have an evil-free paradise because, in some way or another, part of their lives are married to the kind of evil that they enjoy doing or enjoy seeing others doing. Would people enjoy living in a world where there is no sexual crime if that means that all forms of sexual immorality has to be eliminated, including looking at pornography? Would people enjoy living in a world where there is no violence if that means all forms of violence had to be eliminated, including seemingly harmless forms? That's the kind of question we should ask ourselves if we truly want to be honest with ourselves when it comes to wanting a utopia.
06:17:21 PM Oct 19th 2012
You're exagerate, utopia is a diferent place, is a place where all people have equal opportunities, only this, what are you saying is a dictatorial place
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