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07:44:51 AM Apr 14th 2012
In real life, a soldier will be trained to pick up an opponent's weapon only as an absolute last resort. This is because of a laundry list of issues that most fictional depictions skirt around.

Can we get that Laundry List posted in the Analysis page?
05:24:53 PM Aug 3rd 2010
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  • A partial example, and partial subversion, occurs in Dominions 3 (with military units rather than items). When fighting independent forces, you usually can recruit whatever units appear in the battle, once you've won and control the province. But sometimes you fight special units that are unrecruitable either there or at all, and even when you conquer enemy nations their national units are unrecruitable.
    • Which makes sense, given that firstly many national units are sacred to the god of the nation and couldn't reasonably be produced by your god, and secondly they are likely not even nearly of the same race as you.
    • You can however loot all magical items from the enemy commanders (except magical eyes and other stuff requiring surgery).
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