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03:41:27 PM Feb 4th 2013
We should definitely add a photo of Squidward in the episode Good Neighbors.
02:23:18 PM Mar 19th 2013
I disagree, J. Jonah Jamerson should be the picture. He's practically the Ur-Example.
03:11:48 PM Mar 19th 2013
No. No, he is not remotely the Ur-Example. Read that page, please, and you'll immediately see why that is.
11:48:29 PM Jul 17th 2012
What's the difference between this and The Farmer and the Viper?
03:36:13 PM Apr 21st 2014
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The Farmer and the Viper requires that the person repay the person helping them with directly harming or inconveniencing them, I think, while this trope requires only that the person be a Jerkass towards the person helping them. The Farmer and the Viper should probably be considered a Sub-Trope of this one, though.
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