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05:15:34 PM Mar 29th 2018
Trope description re-written after discussion on this thread: Trope Description Improvement Drive. Definition is the same, some material moved to a new Analysis page.
11:49:35 PM Sep 14th 2017
I'd like to know if this would count as an example: "In the UK, there are many advertisements for toys to do with robotic insects often feature pre-teen boys as being rebellious and mature, while girls almost always feminine, hang out with one friend, and flip out at the near sight of the toys. While the gender roles of the advertisement have now changed, these advertisements still air as late as the 2010s."
07:03:22 AM Feb 12th 2016
edited by lledsmar
Conservatives: 1980's are the new 50's

Liberals: 1990's are the new 60's
08:25:04 AM Aug 4th 2013
Under "the Simpsons," someone wrote, "It's also guilty of trying to "modernize" problems and situations that nobody actually faces anymore." Having not watched the show recently (so I shouldn't talk about it directly), I really think there should be some examples.
01:27:12 PM May 13th 2012
edited by ddq5
Is the Casino Royale example really this trope? It seems like it's only on this page because the drink was discontinued in the 80's. It's just a small anachronism; the rest of the film is in no way two decades behind.
04:49:07 PM Dec 14th 2012
If you don't think Casino Royale is an example, then remove it.
02:09:48 PM Dec 19th 2010
edited by CabbitGirlEmi
How come nobody but me has posted in the Troper Tales section of this trope?
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