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  • The main text up top is prophetic about oldies radio stations playing groups from the 1980s. This particular troper quickly changed stations when his local Oldies station played "California Girls"... by David Lee Roth.
    • Considering that most of the Eighties happened over 20 years ago, especially the parts you would consider "The Eighties", this is happening more and more often.
      • Call me when they play "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M., a song from 1991, as they do on a So Cal classic rock station around here. (Although, granted, "classic rock" gets a pass on playing later songs than "oldies" stations do.)
      • For what it's worth, This Troper has heard his local classic rock station play the Beastie Boys more than once. Then again, they've also played "Smooth", by Santana and Rob Thomas, which was recorded in 1999.
      • I dunno; the local classic rock station here still cycles the same "A" list that it was using in the 1980s....
      • This troper has an even worse example. A "youth radio" station has its variant of an Oldies show, usually with songs from the 80's or early 90's. Yet he Oldies show plays songs from the 2000s (it could be justified if it was by a long-running artist such as Santana, but most of the times isn't the case...).
      • When this troper was going to "Retro 80s nights" at clubs six or seven years ago, they'd often throw in some early 90s tracks from Nirvana or Rage Against the Machine. If similar retro nights exist, I'm sure they're playing Disturbed and N'Sync by now.

The trope is about media portraying old trends as current. Songs that seem new showing up on classic rock radio seems to be the reverse of that. It would be more appropriate to talk about old songs that still get heavy rotation on otherwise modern rock stations.