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01:45:12 PM Sep 11th 2012
edited by IronAnimation
Going to reword the description to be more available to supernatural/literal touch of Death. Like Death himself(trope namer?).

..actually. I'm starting to think they are different tropes all together. The description seems to purposely limit to to pressure point killing when tiny pokes kill, maybe with a dramatic delay, consciously, as an attack. Why are so many examples deaths touch? I think a rename and splitting might be in order. Could someone who knows how do that?
04:03:23 PM Oct 6th 2011
[Live-Action TV] (Also, demonstrated by the Fourth Horsemen, Death himself during his spectacular introduction.)

I just got a little picky when I didn't see Death from Supernatural being mentioned on this page despite how popular the series is. So I added it.
05:21:36 PM Jan 27th 2011
[Anime] That crazy over-the-top Martial artist Murderer (throwing a tree 100s of km far to ride on it) in the original Dragon Ball Saga kills several victims with attacks that would qualify. tongue through the temple among other things.

- may i laugh because the captcha reads capsules?
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