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Vulpy: Shouldn't these:

  • RPGs usually include such a skill, with the proviso that it has a low chance of working.
    • Horn Drill, Fissure, Guillotine and Sheer Cold in the Pokémon games (30% Acc, but opponent faints instantly if hit).
    • Final Fantasy games have three variations to this. Automatic death, Doom (with counts down to automatic death) and Petrification (they're still considered alive, but more like a TKO).

Be solely covered under Useless Useful Spell instead? I mean, Horn Drill and Fissure don't sound like "gentle touches" to me, and Doom doesn't require direct contact at all.

Artful: Well, I was focusing more on the 'minimal' aspect, where you can kill in one hit rather then beating all the HP out of the enemy.

Real Life

Let's keep our Wild Mass Guessing out of the regular pages, shall we?
Everyone always says to put the natter in the discussion, so wish granted: Averted in Ranma 1/2; the "Breaking Point" technique was first described as a Touch Of Death, but all it could really do was cause rocks to explode.