Tropers: Virgelion

"If I were to give one piece of advice to anyone, it's to always follow your passion... unless your passion is something crappy, then aim your passion a little higher."

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A typical aspiring mangaka with writing talents and a passion for video gaming. Also, now on TV Tropes.

Contributed To:

  • Diablo III: Back From The Dead, Badass Boast, Curbstomp Battle, Deader Than Dead, Demonic Possession, Face Heel Turn, Fake King, Fallen Angel, Fate Worse Than Death, God of Evil, Hell On Earth, Humans Are Special, Killed Off For Real, Impersonation Gambit, Master of Disguise, Most Definitely Not A Villain, Smurfette Principle, Soul Jar, Whip It Good.
  • Starsiege: Tribes: Arch-Enemy
  • The Thing: Trailers Always Spoil
  • Dead Space 3: Too many things to list.