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10:37:32 PM Jul 17th 2016
I removed the link to the YouTube video showing the Pokémon Red cartridge being destroyed as it has been taken down from YouTube. If anyone has an alternate source I would love to see it.
10:59:39 AM May 22nd 2011
We should really got a Troper Tales page for this. I've had a plethora of different games consoles die on me, a Mega Drive, Xbox, two P S2s, countless 360's. Yet my SNES still works if I dig it out and not one of my portables has died. Even the 6 year old Phat DS screen still works near perfectly.
08:34:09 AM Jul 2nd 2011
In 2005, I got a Nintendo Gamecube as a graduation present. It was already reconditioned and therefore probably quite old. It has not given me a single problem since then. I also got a 64 MB memory-card for it at the flea market. Unpackaged. Sitting out in the sun all that time. It works beautifully.

Let's see...I also bought a Vivitar camcorder a few months ago for a "video diary" at a national quiz-bowl tournament. At the closing tournament, someone knocked it into a gravy-boat full of ranch dressing. The damn thing still works...all I had to do was clean it off.
02:12:47 PM Mar 25th 2012
I have a Nintendo DS Lite. It has been through fire and water, through literally being stabbed, and it spent a week buried in snow while being completely on. The worst damage to it? The R button stopped working as well, and it stopped working after all that junk happened, meaning it didn't cause it directly. Suffice to say, I scoffed at the entry saying DS lites weren't as rock-solid as other Nintendo stuff.

So yeah, we should really have a troper tales page for this. It should fill up quickly, and awesomely.
11:32:49 AM Sep 27th 2013
In 2006, my family was on vacation for a week. Unfortunately, that week was when my area was affected by a huge flood. Needless to say, by the time we got back, our entire basement was underwater. Among the things in the flood was our SNES, our N64, and all their games, controllers, and accessories.

After taking everything out and drying everything off, everything (except Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ) worked just fine. In fact, most of the games and memory cards still had their save files intact!
10:01:01 AM Aug 18th 2010
I removed the section on Twinkies because it's entirely not true. Twinkies can only last a few weeks on the shelf before they go bad, and only appear to be always fresh because they're always being replaced. Twinkies are far too popular to stay on the shelf forever.

Here's the removed section:
  • Though it's often a bit exaggerated in urban legends, it is commonly believed that Twinkies will never go bad. Never.
    • There is a grain of truth to this, though... If kept in its packaging, a Twinkie will last decades, and only become inedible due to absorbing chemicals FROM the packaging.
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