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03:21:56 PM May 8th 2012
Is it certain that Bono coined this phrase and wasn't just quoting somebody else? Various Internet sources attribute it to Harlan Howard, a country songwriter who was prominent in the '50s and '60s.
09:41:17 PM Mar 31st 2012
I find the "exceptions" bits in the first paragraph to be unnecessary. Of course there are exceptions. They just break the flow of the description, so I removed it.

Original text:

"In most forms of entertainment, people like things that are more polished. Most comics fans like skilled art more than stick figures (well, with some exceptions), and TV/film watchers like actors who have training more than random people off the street doing their best (again, with a few exceptions)."
10:51:24 PM May 6th 2011
edited by iheartmountains
This article states that Three Chords and the Truth music is against catchy hooks. I don't see it; most punk and garage rock bands could be considered quite catchy and naturally write decidedly hooky music by virtue of repeating simple melodies and (if inadvertently) creating Ear Worms in doing so. The hook taboo is more an Epic Rocking thing; Progressive Rock and Extreme Metal fans see it as a songwriting crutch while punk/garage/noise-rock bands obviously have no such reservations when it comes to taking the easy way out as songwriters and musicians.
10:38:03 AM Aug 17th 2010
About the Sex Pistols...I'm divided on editing the article to point out that they were pretty much a boy band created by a pair of clothing designers to get the kids to buy into their new style of clothes. Sex Pistols were just a marketing gimmick and using the word "truth" anywhere in the same vicinity of their music is a joke in and of itself.
05:57:20 PM Apr 30th 2010
What happened to the quote about the requirements being lowered to two chords and some vague ideas? I thought it was funny, if a bit tangential.
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