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07:16:05 AM Mar 16th 2010
Not sure if this fits, but I was thinking about using something like this to try to break the spirit of a character in a story I'm toying with. The main character's a clone, escaped from a lab (not a very nice one, either), and when the scientists manage to locate him, they basically say, "You're our property, and no matter how far you run, we'll hunt you down. You're way too valuable for us to just let you walk away."

It's deliberately to put the clone's back against the wall, because the main scientist is trying to push the clone into an act of desperation that displays a distinct human rather than animal nature, basically to help in the fight for clone rights (yeah, it's an "end justifies the means" thing, and the reason he's been horrible to the clone from the start). He's hoping for either suicide (animals might accidentally kill themselves from fear or bad judgment, but they don't deliberately take their own lives) or self-sacrifice (choosing to return home peacefully rather than risk harm to the other major characters he's come to befriend).

Anyway... I'm looking forward to the possibilities. But I'd like to know, does this situation fall under this trope, or is there something here that sets it apart? (I can think of a few details that might disqualify it, but I'm not sure.)
08:12:11 PM Jun 3rd 2010
It is more of a betrayal thing, aka a "How would a villain coerce the traitor back to the flock"
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