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08:35:33 PM Mar 7th 2013
Okay, so killing gophers with these bullets is overkill, but this video is a little graphic ( they vaporize the gophers). Can you PUT that video in the examples list? Also, probably not safe for work. It isn't too bad, but wow. (They need to kill the gophers for vermin control and this way is painless).
11:16:05 PM Jul 4th 2011
edited by MikeRosoft
Regarding Nanoha examples, I'd say it isn't overkill if it's what it takes to do the job. Fate and Vita were just as powerful as Nanoha (and in both cases Nanoha lost her first battle with them), so she had to use everything she had if she wanted to defeat them.

Quattro is a possible example (a justified one, though - Nanoha wanted to knock her out now and here).

I'll give you another example: in Nanoha A's the original Reinforce used a city-sized Starlight Breaker against the heroes. (Due to its overly long casting time, the heroes had enough time to get away.)
04:29:54 PM Jan 13th 2011
edited by Gemmifer
Is anyone else disturbed by the enthused tone of the comments in the Real Life section?
02:23:54 PM Jan 10th 2012
It occurred to me just now that declaring a trope as No Real Life Examples, Please! is a fine example of this trope in action.
12:55:49 AM Jul 15th 2010
Possible example of a blue card for Magic: The Gathering: Battle of Wits. This enchantment causes an instant win during its controller's upkeep if said controller's library contains at least 200 cards. It's not as blatant as any of the other colors' cards, but still partakes of the same theme.
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