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07:51:44 PM Mar 20th 2013
edited by Candi
"Tex Avery MGM Cartoons: Droopy usually has to say "I'm happy" to let the audience know, but he did grin in a promotional and it was ridiculous."

Droopy does have an adorable little smile (seen at the end of the bullfighter episode), but it's not seen very often. He also gave a really big teethy grin one time, and that was both horrible and ridiculous.

At one point he expressed joy by jumping and howling all over the place, stopped cold, "You know what? I'm happy.", then started jumping around again. Rule of Funny always applies.

"Oddly enough, Bruce Wayne smiles a lot and quite convincingly. It makes you wonder if his Bruce/Batman dichotomy is just one chemical dip away from a mental breakdown..."

Smiling is part of the 'Bruce Wayne' mask, I think. Incidentally, Batman has smiled slightly a few times in the DCAU -usually when a bad guy was thoroughly screwed.
12:08:04 PM Apr 9th 2011
edited by TJack
Putting an end to the "Batman/the Batman" argument, here is my evidence for the former:

1) A simple Google search for the phrase "we're here to see Koothrappali" (with or without quotes). All found quotations (except, at the time of this writing, the Main page) exclude the "the".

2) The scene itself (skip to 0:35).

I hope this'll clear up any misunderstandings on the matter, so that my watchlist won't get cluttred with this anymore. (And yes, quote precision is srs bzns.)
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