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03:15:01 AM Nov 17th 2012
There's something that isn't clear to me and that I, as a Brit, wasn't even aware of until the other day, concerning teasers and the placement of commercials-

I actually came to this page because on a comment on sfdebris when I learnt that the commericials in the US come after the opening titles. The page confirms this. So I want to ask: does this mean that the teaser actually comes in right after the previous show? Or do you have [Commercials] [Teaser] [Titles] [Commercials]?

It seems to me that this affects what the apparent purpose is, especially when we also look at the film section. In UK TV and film, the teaser is just a bit of the work before the opening titles- it only has to keep you interested as much as the titles and the beginning of the first act have to- so it's less of a "tease" more of a Cold Open. They end up often working like an Establishing Character Moment for the work as a whole; or maybe it's just cool to have something dramatic happen and then have the theme music come up. (The latter is probably more of an invention after the practise of teasers, making use of the situation).

But if you have that commercial break, and especially if you're coming right off the previous show, the "tease" aspect seems more important. You have to make them stay with an episode or a show that they haven't watched anything of yet. The latter point clarifies the importance of the "lead in" that I hear so much of with respects to ratings.
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