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07:59:16 PM Mar 16th 2011
Might it be a good idea to create a subtrope for instances of "The Movie" that are actually significant to the series continuity, e.g. The End of Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, etc?
05:42:33 AM Dec 18th 2010
So, I saw on the Main Page discussion that someone linked TV Tropes: The Movie from Cracked contest as a picture here. I go here to check it out, and see a different pic. But also in source I see this comment:

This image was chosen in Image Pickin' for the specific reason that The Expendables is not an example of The Movie, it's an example of Big Damn Movie, or Title The Adaption, not the movie. Do not change it back to The Expendables.

Now, I don't want to argue about the picture, but one thing is puzzling me: which part of TV TROPES: THE MOVIE on the poster was so hard to see? Is reading really that hard?

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