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01:55:24 PM Jan 2nd 2014
Is it the same thing if the character already has a first name but is given the actor's last name?
09:16:31 PM May 25th 2012
edited by Kordalix
Several dubbing actors not from the country of origin are mentioned. Shouldn't they be removed except when the name of the character has been changed in the dubbed version? Also, actors named like pre-existing characters.
04:59:13 PM Nov 2nd 2010
"Subverted in The Green Mile. Harry Terwilliger was played by Jeffrey De Munn. Dean Stanton was played by Barry Pepper. Harry Dean Stanton played Toot-Toot."

Sorry, what? Why is this here?
12:27:17 PM Oct 19th 2010
What about Sharon Stone in the first Flintstones Film, being played by Halle Berry? Worth mentioning?
11:33:45 PM Aug 24th 2011
edited by Bozozoku
I don't think so. That's more an example of a Shout-Out.

Edit: Oh, I didn't realize this question was almost a year old. Well, if you're still paying attention to this topic, there's your answer.
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