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02:35:32 PM Oct 7th 2014
Does anybody know what song this is about?

  • Zebrahead's cover of Avril Lavigne's make's no attempt to switch around the genders... in fact, EVERYONE is a guy in their video

12:32:24 PM Feb 14th 2013
Where would Cassandra Wilson's cover of "Shelter from the Storm" (Bob Dylan) fit in? Instead of doing a Perspective Flip (which would be her singing from the woman's point of view) or changing the gender of the singer ("'Come in', he said, 'I'll give you'...") she shifts the perspective from first-person to third-person: "He came in from the wilderness".

Fairly certain it fits This Trope in some way, but it's neither an aversion nor a male-to-female change.
05:01:42 AM Mar 27th 2011
Maybe we can segregate Aversions to the bottom?
05:03:37 AM Mar 27th 2011
Oh nevermind. I didn't even realize there WAS an Aversions folder because the examples flipflopped so much.
06:43:20 PM Dec 12th 2010
Clarify whether or not the trope is about the cover CHANGING the words to the song or NOT CHANGING them. The aversions really can't seem to decide.
10:43:46 AM Aug 5th 2010
Would "You Can't Hurry Love" count as an example of this trope? The original version was sung by Diana Ross of The Supremes, but Phil Collins did a well-known cover version. However, he didn't need to change any of the words to flip the song from a female to a male perspective; they were already gender-agnostic.
04:49:52 PM Mar 15th 2010
OK, this is starting to bug me - a gay male artist covering a female-written song and not changing the gender of the Love Interest is not "averting" this trope. The trope is essentially about changing lyrics to suit your sexual preference, is it not?
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