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07:20:38 PM Jan 6th 2014
Can one of The Chosen Many be the Chosen One among them? As in, they're all special compared to the non-Chosen, but s/he is even more special than any of them?
05:43:44 PM May 10th 2011
"You thought you were 'special'?"

Where does the page quote come from?
05:39:32 PM Feb 23rd 2012
Wanted to ask that too. Anyone? Or is it just made wholecloth?
03:47:13 PM Mar 28th 2010
edited by Camacan
Original discussion from before the rename.
Original YKTTW

Rewrote the page up a lil as it veered off from what was originally intended. For example, as the YKTTW gave, Luke is not an example as he's aware that the Jedi was an organization retaining many members, he was just led to believe there all dead til the third, making it There Is Another. Also, while related, its unlike Last Of His Kind in that either the character or the audience is unaware that they even have a kind to begin with. Kinda wish I had gotten around to writing it up myself, but I when I came back, it had been pushed down I found that I couldn't remember the title (which is kinda natural as I had hoped the final launch would have a different name). Oh well, pretty much hit the main points anyway.

Earnest: Good edit, but... I liked the picture! -_- Sorry, it just took me a while to find and I felt it was pretty funny as the anti-thesis to this trope. Parking it here in the mean time.

Not quite what we're looking for.

Didn't wanna bring it up as I pretty much figured what the thought process behind it was, but yeah, what was up with that? I mean, its come to be pretty palpable (new word) that you particularly care for the show, but dedicating a good percentage of the description to it, even going as far as to give it the honorary pic, when the show has nothing to do with the trope (honestly don't find it as much of an antithesis) seems kinda indulgent, even for me. Don't blame ya though, considering my past escapades with the site. As for the pic, was it honestly that hard too find? I mean all ya had to to was go to Avatarspirit (or better yet Either way, if ya like it that much, you can always park it down on your editor page thingie and you'd be doing more good finding a nice GL corps pic.

Earnest: Wow. Ok. I can appreciate you think I'm an Avatar nut, and I do like the show, but the reason behind the picture and the example you deleted is a simple one: it helped explain what this trope is and isn't. I could have easily used Ben10, Buffy or even Sea Quest 2021 if I felt so inclined. The whole point of the last paragraph was to help people know whether their intended example would fit, and considering that half the examples in the YKTTW didn't fit, and a couple slipped past me, I thought it was pertinent. For future reference, people here do take some pride in their work, whether it's a paragraph or a picture, so please at least say why you're cutting chunks out of an article and post them in the discussion page for posterity. Now, to cement the huff this has left my mood in, I shall tip my hat and say "Good day to you, sir!" ^_^

Though touched that you feel the need to go out of your way convince me, you may notice that I never used the word nut anywhere in there. (Woulda gone with Buffy, and why does Sea Quest have to be the last and get slapped with the "even" thing?) Also thought I did explain things in that first paragraph, granted some more coulda been said, but I was trying to keep it as brief as possible. All in all, all good to know. If that's all (folks) I'll be off. Have a good one. Heh, "sir". ;)

Nate The Great: Is there really no way to insert line breaks into the picture captions? That oath really should be in its proper poem form.
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