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02:39:06 AM Dec 25th 2016
Wouldn't the Antichrist be Satan himself in physical form? Considering how it is commonly believed that Jesus and God are the same being?
08:32:50 AM May 10th 2016
The page quote for The Antichrist is kind of lame. There are about a million quotes that would work better. Should we change it?
05:39:41 PM May 10th 2016
You might want to bring it up in the quotes forum
09:54:51 PM Apr 19th 2013
Something about the description of the Antichrist in Revelation annoys me. He is more identifiable to the Second Beast rather than the first. I mean, the Beast from the Sea is explicitly described as having political powers, while the Beast from the Land, aka the False Prophet, has a more spiritual form of control. I'm waiting for feedbacks before switching what is said in the article.
01:42:44 AM Jul 24th 2014
The first beast is the Object of Worship. I personally thing that while the Second beast is who really performs the signs the First is the one who the world thinks is behind them. it's a deception.

"Averted in, of all things, The Bible."

This is accurate not for the reasons the person whoa dded this had in but because the person The Bible speaks of (and most serious Futurist Christians are expecting) is really in terms of how T Vtropes defines terms a Dark Messiah. I've long felt that the real Antichrist will be more like Paul Atredes then Damien Thorne.

The whole "The Antichrist isn't really in The Bible" crap annoys me. That word itself isn't exactly used that way is a matter of semantics.
10:55:52 AM Aug 31st 2010
I wonder if anyone has bothered to point out something that everyone else seems to ignore: If the Anti-Christ is the Opposite of Christ, than the Anti-Christ should also be opposite in gender too. Unless of course Jesus really was a woman...
11:44:05 PM Nov 20th 2010
oh sh*t.
05:36:46 PM Nov 23rd 2012
Yeah, but if you're gonna go that route, Jesus lives forever, so the Antichrist would never be alive at all
06:26:08 AM Jun 1st 2013
Jesus's godly form lives forever, but his human form doesn't, so the Antichrist would just be soulless, but still have a functioning body.
12:39:16 PM Jul 12th 2010
I think the real life "examples" should be removed - this is about literal Anti Christs - if we have a real life section of people who were or are considered by any group to be an Anti Christ, it would get massive and unecessary pretty quick.
11:37:57 PM Nov 20th 2010
Well Jim Jones is real life and can match The Anicrist thing since he is a False Prophet and Complete Monster and seem to be good at manipulation as well as killing his own followers with poison kool aid and makes one of the biggest tragedy known as The Guyana Tragedy
01:44:42 PM Mar 6th 2012
edited by ZombieAladdin
Extremely late reply, but what about L. Ron Hubbard, who called himself an Antichrist?

Also, that was Wyler's, not Kool-Aid. Interesting that Wyler's is such a bit player that a bigger product line takes the blame.
05:42:34 PM Nov 23rd 2012
Also, the Antichrist is supposed to be someone everyone loves and trusts. In order for someone to be accused of being the Antichrist, there must be first be at least one person (and more often than not, loads and loads of people) who neither loves nor trusts him. Therefore, nobody who's ever been accused of being the Antichrist can possibly be the Antichrist.
06:27:49 AM Jun 1st 2013
^ Biblically speaking, yes, but not necessarily in fiction.
08:30:08 AM Jun 1st 2013
I put in the current Real Life section, but I don't list any real ones, just the fact that throughout history this charge has been leveled at lots of people, 100% of which never took over the earth or ushered in Doomsday. I point out the Rule OF Cautious Editing Judgement, too.

Back on the subject of the Antichrist, the Bible clearly states that even the elect will be taken by his charms, so yep - no one would know in Real Life - but fiction is Escapism and being the only one who knows something is wrong is a popular escapist trope.
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